Leonard Cohen has died

2016/11/10 § Leave a comment

I was en route home this evening when I received the news that Leonard Cohen had died.

My friend Sam messaged me, alerting me to his death.

Then my friend Louis.

And then my friend Erin messaged me.

Well. Apparently I have made quite an impression, or as Erin put it, “I guess we all care about how much you care about Leonard Cohen.”


Such an interesting time for him to go. I began a couple of weeks ago a biography on his life. I’ve also recently been enveloped in his music. I currently have his discography on my phone, and I’ve been listening to it daily. As a musician, Leonard Cohen deserves our praise. His gifts are subtle but his legacy is rich. But beyond this, Cohen’s lyrics ought to be emphasized for their strength and beauty. They are of exceptional quality – sometimes erotic, oftentimes spiritual – and linger with you forever.

Though death comes to all, and though he lived a long and full life, I will mourn Leonard Cohen and I will miss his being here. Below is a brief early performance of one of his most cherished songs, “Suzanne.” Watch it and mourn him with me.


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