A brief video of Moby performing Go, 1991

2015/12/10 § Leave a comment

Look at him. Moby is all alone on that stage, with only a keyboard to keep him company. He’s dancing around, moving his hips, and doing all of this confidently.

This brief recording offers a fantastic glimpse into Moby’s early days as well as a taste for what an early performance may have looked like.

“Go” is as memorable as it is catchy – a correlation which should not surprise anyone. Contrary to what the Wikipedia page says, “Go” does not contain a sample of “Laura Palmer’s Theme” from Twin Peaks, but rather the theme was recorded by Moby himself. In an interview with Q Magazine in 2001, Moby discloses the following:

‘Go’ was originally the B-side to my first single, ‘Mobility’,” Moby recalled. “After that came out, I watched the first episode of Twin Peaks and was inspired by the theme, so went back and did a remix of ‘Go’ with the strings on top. When it was released, my dream was for it to sell 4,000 copies. It did a couple of million, including compilations. And I really thought that when DJs played ‘Go’, it was because they were taking pity on me for making such a mediocre song. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a record company executive, huh?


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