“Christ in us”

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“Christ in us” understood in its whole Pauline depth is not a psychic condition, an affection of the mind, a mental lapse, or anything of the sort, but is a presupposition of life. “Over us,” “behind us,” and “beyond us” are included in the meaning of “in us.” And “Christ in us” understood in its whole Pauline breadth is a warning that we shall do well not to build again the fence which separated the chosen from the rest — Jews from Gentiles and so-called Christians from so-called non-Christians. The community of Christ is a building open on every side, for Christ died for all — even for the folk outside. There is in us, over us, behind us, and beyond us a consciousness of the meaning of life, a memory of our own origin, a turning to the Lord of the universe, a critical No and a creative Yes in regard to all the content of our thought, a facing away from the old and toward the new age — whose sign and fulfillment is the cross.1

1 Karl Barth, The Word of God & the Word of Man, trans. Douglas Horton (United States: Harper Torchbooks, 1957), 273-4.


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