The Mystery of Chimney Rock (beginning)

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Vacation is here and you’re visiting your cousins Michael and Jane for a few days at their new home in Connecticut. Soon after you arrive, they take you on a tour of their neighborhood, along shady streets lined with cozy houses with neatly-trimmed lawns. At the top of a hill you notice a huge stone house unlike any you have ever seen. It has turrets, walled terraces and a square tower that looks like a giant chimney. Some of the windows are boarded up and others are hidden by vines and bushes. There is a big dog chained in front of the little cottage nearby, and you ask your cousins if anyone lives in the main house.

“Chimney Rock? Most people around here wouldn’t live there for a million dollars,” Michael says.

“It’s supposed to be cursed,” Jane adds. “They say that some people who have gone inside have never been seen again. What happened to them is still a mystery.”

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