An Introduction

2013/03/26 § 1 Comment

I admire those that are able to read quickly, as well as those who can successfully finish the books they start.

I do neither of these things.

Allow me to begin by introducing myself. My name is Chris. I am a student at Multnomah University, a private, non-denominational Protestant university in the city of Portland. As with all graduates of the school, I am majoring in biblical and theological studies. However, I will also be graduating with a second major in history; a minor feat. I am a married man and an aspiring thinker. I have an interest in philosophy, logic, apologetics, and theology, though without a doubt, I have much to learn about utilizing and synthesizing these disciplines properly. But then, this is why I am starting this blog.

This blog is intended to be a place for me to work out my thoughts; to study; to wrestle; to exercise all skills and gifts; and within reason, hopefully flex a little.

Being that I am in school, my pace of reading is rapid and I am moving through books left and right (though as noted above, oftentimes at the expense of speed and completion). Therefore it seems appropriate to have a place to systematically (though if I am to be honest, irregularly, at times) work through the material that I am devouring, constructing outlines, summaries, reflections, analytical pieces, and perhaps even complete essays regarding the books that I am reading. But most of all, I hope that this blog is a place of self-discovery, both for myself and for those who follow me during this journey.

I hope to candidly share topics that are of interest to me, doing so with total intellectual honesty. I hope this will not be a blog where pedantry simply takes over. Instead, I hope my topics will incite healthy, thoughtful reflection, both from myself and from those who humbly decide to join the conversation.

It may be worth mentioning that I am also a musician and an aspiring critic of film. I often find myself thinking about video games.


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